Centers of Excellence

Dana Technology Center

Dana Technology Development Center provides the state of the art solutions and best practices for smarter decisions and performances in current challenging E&P markets. DTC offers professional technology-related services to Dana Energy Board and segments to extract the maximum value from their investments in R&D and technology. We deploy technology for our operations through our proprietary solutions, strategic partnerships and venture capital investments. Our open approach to innovation provides us with continuous access to new ideas and enables Dana to deliver the right technologies at the right time to meet business needs, which drives growth and efficiency.

We identify technology opportunities and threats, help our management to decide which technologies to invest in and how, manage applying newly adopted technologies faster and more effectively, and engage with local and international sector and technology practitioners such as universities and knowledge-based companies.

Geophysical Research and Development Center

Dana geophysical R&D Center was established in 2009, since then we have maintained an unwavering, long-term commitment to research. Our center is located in the science and technology park of University of Tehran for a closer cooperation and coordination with universities and science and research centers. It also ensures improved access to leading-edge research in all relevant disciplines, better understanding of geophysical industry's challenges, and facilitates the implementation of research ideas in the projects.