Geophysical Services

Geophysical Services is a strategic business unit in Dana Energy. We are benefitting from well-experienced personnel and well trained graduates, modern and updated hardware equipment and software’s, and well defined management plan. This enables us to offer a broad range of services including seismic services, data acquisition, data processing and reservoir interpretation.

More specifically, we offer specialized, cost effective 2D & 3D land, mountain, transition zone and shallow water seismic data acquisition through the application of cutting-edge design, acquisition and on site processing techniques.

Having consummated and experienced employees and state of the art hardware and software facilities make us fully capable of running a wide variety of processing routines. Our outstanding geophysicist team interpret the processed seismic data and integrate other geoscientific information to make assessments of where oil and gas reservoirs may be accumulated.

The Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering (RGE) department is assigned to deal with integrated projects on comprehensive evaluation of hydrocarbon and provide services that lead to a reliable insight of the underground petroleum systems in order to optimize field development scenarios and reduce probable operational and financial risks.